Mystery Quilt Dash is an Opportunity to Play an Online Hide & Seek Game and Earn a FREE Mystery Quilt Pattern!


About the Founder of Mystery Quilt Dash

Tammy Harrison, Quilt Designing Computer Geek:

Tammy began quilting at the age of 19 - she was going to cosmetology college and met a classmate whose grandmother made quilts. When she saw one of those quilts, she asked her to make her one. Soon after she received the quilt, she read the saying, "When you sleep under a quilt, you sleep under a blanket of love."

That was all it took, Tammy *knew* she had to learn how to make quilts!  Tammy had to make something with love, that would be kept and used and loved back.  Tammy had to make something that she didn't have in her own orphaned life - a quilt hug made with love.

Since then, Tammy has made hundreds of quilts (mostly for kids, of course, who need a loving quilted hug, too)...but, Tammy also found a working life in the online world.  Once she mastered successfully working from home on the computer, she's decided it's high time she combined her love of working at home with her love of quilting -- hence, her four children call her the Quilt Designing Computer Geek!

Tammy is married to a true Texican, and together they have four children, and are two of a kind, working in a full house!


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