Mystery Quilt Dash is an Opportunity to Play an Online Hide & Seek Game and Earn a FREE Mystery Quilt Pattern!
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Love Mystery Quilts?  We have just the thing to give you the opportunity to visit online shops while earning a Mystery Quilt Dash pattern!

That's what Mystery Quilt Dash is all about!  It's an online hide-and-seek game, where various quilt shops join us to offer you their best, and our members register to DASH to the shops and find the Mystery Quilt Dash creative image!

Once you register, you are offered the option of joining a Mystery Quilt Dash (or two or six).  After logging into your Mystery Quilt Dash member's account, you will visit each shop, search for their "found" creative image, and once found you'll register it with your account.  Then, within your member's account, the instructions for a new Mystery Quilt Dash pattern will be revealed in as many as 15 increments once you find the final image in all the participating shops!

In the end, if you visit all of the quilt shops that are part of the Mystery Quilt Dash that you enter, your name will be dropped into our Mystery Quilt Dash basket and you have a chance to win prizes!

Click Here to register as a member and
start on your Mystery Quilt Dash adventure!




Want new traffic? Want a way to bring out the best in your current customers? Want to have some Mystery Quilt Dash fun with us?!

We offer a new and unique opportunity to help grow your visitor numbers, guaranteed traffic and hopefully increase your quilt shop sales!

Mystery Quilt Dash only allows 15 quilt shops* to join each Mystery Quilt Dash. You can, of course, join as many of the Quilt Dash's that we offer - and we will run at least one Mystery Quilt Dash every other month of the year. 

We also ask that your shop donate an eGift Certificate worth at least $5, to be used for prizes for the Mystery Quilt Dash you are participating. 

It's super-easy to join, and then add the Mystery Quilt Dash creative images to your website, with a little hint for the members.  And it's a great way to meet and greet new customers and "give 'em your best" Mysery Quilt Dash smiles!

Click Here to register as a Quilt Shop and start
growing your quilt shop world with Mystery Quilt Dash!


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